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To avoid late fees and/or outright billing of replacement cost, core unit must be returned to G.A.S. Group Inc point of purchase within 20 calendar days of shipment of exchange part with properly completed traceability information.
The core must be the same part number as the unit purchased or it may be deemed unacceptable or subject to modification fees.(will be charged the CORE VALUE and a monthly charge of 10% of the CORE VALUE, for the months of delay).
It must have a data tag with a legible part number and serial number or it may be rejected.

STANDARD EXCHANGE (Additional Terms):
Excessive repair / overhaul charges on your core unit plus any additional freight charges incurred will be billed as they become available. If core is found Beyond Economical Repair (B.E.R.) then an additional charge for the replacement price will be due (will be charged the CORE VALUE).
Evaluation of your core may take up to ninety (90) days from receipt; if further time is needed we will notify you at that time.

POLICY LIMITATIONS: Parts must be returned within 30 days of purchase for full credit, and must be returned with all documentation and packaging the item had when it was shipped from G.A.S. Group, Inc. Parts returned without original documentation lose value, due to the loss of traceability, are not fully refundable and will be pro-rated. G.A.S. Grouo, Inc, does not accept parts for return which have been installed. All returns require a Return Authorization (RMA) issued by G.A.S. Group, Inc. G.A.S. Group, Inc., reserves the right to refuse any unauthorized returns. G.A.S. Group, Inc., reserves the right to replace any unsatisfactory parts. G.A.S. Group, Inc., does not pay testing or labor fees, to verify the usability of any part.

Authorized returns are strictly limited to the following:
1. Defective parts that failed upon installation on aircraft with failure report,
2. Parts supplied under a different part number as specified in client’s accepted purchase order.
All other returns will not be accepted and sales will be considered final.


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